Jason07’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 31 Jul 2007

Location: Munich, Germany

MapHey everyone. Been a busy few weeks and am now in Munich waiting for my flight to Frankfurt so will be good to finally get there tonight. A day late but we had a few more van issues so couldn´t do much about it. Had to pay some big money for the flight but should roughly get that back for the Chicago London leg anyways.

Have seen a few more places. We went up through a place called Alicante which had some wicked beaches. Once again the ladies don´t seem to like tops. Then onto Barcelona for 5 awesome days. We even did some touristy stuff as well as a few big days on the town. Went and toured through the Barcelona soccer ground which is the home on Ronaldihno and holds just shy of 100,000. Also toured through the Cathedral there which has been being built for the last 180 years ans is still a long way from being finished. Will put some photos up once I get my laptop on the net. Caught up with an air force girl Ana Barnao in a bar in Barcelona which was quite random.

Otherwise my mind is a little scrambled as been stressing out about getting here the last few days but the place I flew out of called nice was quite good as well. Was a bit sad to leave the boys as have had a wicked time but once I find out the draw will hopefully catch them for a few more weekends. Will update when I get to Frankfurt. So far the people seem really friendly and most speak english....