Jason07’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 08 Aug 2007

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

MapHi Everyone.

Sorry been a bit slack but have only just got wireless sorted in my apartment so can use the internet anytime. Arrived here last Tuesday I think and have been pretty full on since then. My apartment is really good and I'm on the 3rd floor of the building which is the middle apartment of 3 that are all side by side full of players. At the moment there is one guy on the middle floor and a couple on the top floor with me. The bottom floor is the gym and kitchen. Think we'll be getting a couple more people moving in in the next couple of weeks. I have been busy assessing and writing up strength programmes for the entire team and am about half way through taking the guys through them now. This week we have been training 3 times a day so between training and running half of the sessions there hasn't been alot of spare time. Although I'm really enjoying it so can't complain.

Not sure what the go is with me and new clubs but managed to hurt my back on Monday although with physio the last 3 days it is feeling alot better. Hopefully good by Sat as we have a pre season game against the Belgium national side in Brussels. The next weekend we head to Amsterdam to play the Holland team and the season starts the weekend after. The boys are all pretty excited as have about 8 kiwis and aussie who haven't done much travel so should be cool. If I can't play this week I'll still travel as the trainer but hopefully I'll be all good.

My address here if anyone is interested is 9 Jakob-Heller Str, Frankfurt, 60320, Germany. I have also got a cell phone and that number is +4915224129937. Got no money on it at the moment as can't understand the lady on the top up message. Will take it to training and get one of the German boys to do it. Has been raining today but will get some photos of apartment and stuff in next few days once it clears up. If you google the clubs website should pop up with a picture so you'll see its quite big. The rugby field is the one with the track around it. I best get sorted for training but hope its not too cold whereever everyone is. c ya.