Jason07’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 16 Aug 2007

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

MapHey everyone.
Been a busy week here. Weekend was cool. Travelled to Brussels and played the Belgium national team who were a pretty good side. They beat us 38-25 I think although it was a good game. Bloody hot. We got back to Frankfurt at 1 in the morn and me and a couple fo the boys thought it a good idea to go out for a look and we ended up out to 7 in the morn. Quite funny. We ended up in a bar where we had to have the lights off and you couldn’t make much noise. Pretty sure bars can’t be open after 5 here.
This week we have been training 3 times a day which is a mix between skills, gym work and team trainings. I’m running a lot of it which is good and have got all the guys into specific rugby programmes. The coach is ok. He’s an older guy who has coached fiji and waikato in the past and reminds me a lot of the short time I had under grizz… Not sure if I like the coaching style but we’ll see. Starting to look a bit better every day as the guys get used to each other. We played again on Tuesday against a team 20 mins away and beat them pretty comfortably. They had a bloody sand based pitch with heaps of stones and stuff in it so covered in grazes and stuff at the moment.
Have a pool sess and then a free day tommorow which will be good. Head to Amsterdam first thing on Sat morn and play the holland team then travel back on Sunday. Should be a good night out although will be a tough bus trip the next morn! Should have some good stories and photos after that.
Should be an uncle in the next few days which is strange but cool for those of you who didn't know... Till next week....