Jason07’s Travel Diary

Friday, 24 Aug 2007

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

MapHey everyone.

Been a busy week getting ready for our first competition game. Having a quiet day today with a pool session otherwise am up to bugger all.

Weekend in Amsterdam was interesting. Took 8 hours on the bus cause of traffic and we basically had to get off the bus and get straight on the field. We won by 2 points so was a fairly tough game. Had a few beers at their clubrooms and then headed into Amsterdam on the train as was about 30 mins. Had a few more beers and then headed down all the streets with the Hookers in the windows which was a bit of a sight. There are hundreds of them!! Then we just cruised around until the trains started again at 7 in the morn. Was a long bus trip back the next day although most of the boys slept all the way.

We are playing a team called Hausemstan tommorow and I have no idea who they are or where they are coming from. Hopefully we start off the season with a win. Will let you all know.

Oh yeah I was an Uncle as of last Saturday for those of you who didn;t know. Hannah Lucia Price. Pretty small but all good!!