Jason07’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Sep 2007

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

MapHey everyone.
Sorry been a bit slack the last little while and I have no excuse... Just slack!! We lost last weekend in our opener against a team that I can't pronounce. They were pretty good although our backs sucked so that didn;t help our cause. Had an awesome night out as it was the weekend of the biggest festival in Frankfurt which is a massive party on the river (rhine). All the team went out in Hawaian shirts for the Sat night and got home around 2. I think 80% of the population of town were there so it took like 40 minutes to cross back over the bridge. Sunday we decided to go and have a look as the thing was still on... A few cocktails and alot of Corona later we were out till 3 in the morn and had a headache Monday. Good fun though!

Trained pretty well all last week and got 2 new NPC backs in who are both pretty sharp and played another team called Heidelburg about an hours drive away Yesterday. We won 34-9 which was good. Made the coaches and man paying the salaries a but happier. Basically the team is funded by a guy who is early 40's and is worth approx 400 million dollars. He comes to all our trainings and comes to the apartments to have talks and stuff and so far I have found him really good. He pays all salaries and owns the 3 apartments we all live in. As well as a Hummer, Porsche, Jag, 4 mercs and a couple of BMW SUV's. One of the boys got a ride home with him yesterday and he was going mid 200's all the way home! Some of the boys headed out but had a bit much on today so flagged it. Just doing bugger all now and going to head to the movies tonight.

Things still going good but finding the coach pretty difficult to work with. He seems to stiffle most of the talent as guys end up too scared to try anything in the fear of being told off. Our video sessions are not very pleasant.. Am thinking of a few things for the next few months but will let you all know what I'm up to when its all sorted.. Will put some more pics up and talk next week.

Neice is doing well and over 5 pound now which is great. C ya.