Jason07’s Travel Diary

Monday, 17 Sep 2007

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

MapA good win on the weekend by 70 so we are at the top of the table which is good. Missed the bloody All Blacks game which is disapointing and not sure what sort of way we'll be in to watch the next one at 6 on Sunday night as will be down in Munich at the Oktoberfest! Went out for dinner Saturday night as 5 of us were shouted by the principal of a school we had been doing some work for which was good. Then went out for a few until 2 ish. We then had a pretty big Sunday as was one of the guys birthdays so we had a big dress up session. You pulled a guys name out of a hat and then you got to dress them up as whatever you wanted. Pretty funny day although the body didn't enjoy the 9 am run this morn. Good to sweat the booze out though. Weather has been crap today and I think the week is meant to be shit which doesn;t really bother me to much.

So heading to the Beerfest in Munich straight after Saturdays game and its about 400 km away I think. Should get down there about 10 as we have a rental car and no speed limit so it shouldn;t take too long. Staying in a caravan we rented off the net so should be a laugh as have got a good bunch of guys to head down with and a heap of guys to catch up with there. Will put some pics up of Dress Ups yesterday. Enjoy!