Jason07’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 27 Sep 2007

Location: Munich, Germany

MapWell a tiring week here. Played on Saturday and we won easily 78-7 although I tore my hip flexor which is got me buggered for a couple of weeks. Was pretty sore when I did it but m jogging slowly now. Headed to Munich straight after the game in our rental and was quite an entertaining trip down. We had 7 of us in a hatchback type thing that had seats in the back so we had a few beers. Its about 398 km to get down there and I think we would have averaged about 180 most of the way and got up to 210ish going down a hill once. Its strange but it doesn;t seem that fast as everyone is going like that. I never knew fords could go that fast though!

Went out Sat night to some clubs and then first thing Sunday we were into it at the Beerfest. Its awesome. The Beer halls fit thousands of people and you just sit there all day and get drunk. Not sure how many steins (1 litre glass) we managed on the first day but it was a fair few anyways. Monday was my birthday so after a slow start we got right into it and was probably a bigger day than Sunday. Not sure how many beerhalls there are altogether but we only went into 2. They were the main kiwi ones so was awesome. Caught up with all the Airforce people and friends from Southland so was all good.

Travelled home Tues in a flash as but little Merc rental so was bloody uncomfortable. Along trip even though we were going pretty fast. Last couple of days in the gym have been tough but feeling alot better today. heaps of rehab this week and no game this weekend as the German national side is playing here so should be pretty cruisy. Will watch the NRL grand final on Sunday otherwise pretty quiet. Hope the weather is good at home as its pissing down here and cold. C ya...