Jason07’s Travel Diary

Monday, 01 Oct 2007

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

MapWell I finally all sorted. On advice from the physio I am told today that both my right adductor (Groin) and hip flexor are pulled and I won't be able to play for up to 3 weeks. The physio made me lye in my underpants today and absolutely killed me so its fair to say it is very sore. I had also found out last week that my flight is a paper ticket and not an e ticket so can;t be changed very easily. So I have talked to the club today and asked to be let out of my contract as once I return from injury we will only have one game left against a crap team. We had a good talk and they are stoked with the training side of things and the plan that I have put in place so have agreed. They are also paying my salary out which is a huge bonus. (I am broke!!) This frees me up so have made a plan.... Am catching the speed train to paris this friday and staying there fri sat with 2 of the guys partners from the team. Will be good to have a look around. Then head to London and stay with Anton for a couple of days before meeting up with the league boys and touring with them for 20 days. My goal will be to play the curtain raiser at the GB v Kiwi game for them against the RAF in Warrington on the 20th so will need to look after the leg till then. I can jog slow so will be doing plenty of that.

Told the boys tonight and although once again it is hard to leave everyone have made at least 10 great friends who I will keep in touch with and catch up with once they get back to NZ. Am looking forward to catching up with the league boys (except pods and his drinking habits) in a couple of weeks.

So the next couple of days will be sorting clothes and getting a few things sorted. Will let you know more at end of week. Home 2 Nov so look out...