Jason07’s Travel Diary

Friday, 19 Oct 2007

Location: Lincoln, UK

MapHi everyone.
Its been a while and have been touring with the Air Force rugby league team and have had some interesting things going on. Haven't got much time so will list them for your amusement.

-Got on the train to Paris when leaving Frankfurt and a couple of hours in got a phone call to say I had left my passport behind. Prob had something to do with a very drunken send off!
-Lost my wallet first night in London. Not good.
-Played a game on Tues and got a knee to the head opening minute and split my head so have a good sized cut and a black eye now!
-Got robbed that night and my laptop was amongst a heap of stuff stolen from our hotel. Very pissed off.

Other than that have had a ball. Heap of nights out. Head to Manchester tommorow to play curtain raiser to the Kiwis then up to Scotland for a bit then down to London before heading for home. Only 10 days away!!