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Adam’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 Nov 2004

Location: Los Angeles, USA

MapHey guys.. finally on my way!

Unfortunatley this will have to be quick as this is a dodgy keyboard and i only have 6 minutes of time left. My flight from australia was really good, time just flew (no pun intended!). Darren eugene and i had a quick bite to eat when we touched down and then they left me and headed for there accommodation in LA.

I thought the 5 hour stop over for me might be a bit long, but its just as well i had the extra time because the stupid clerk in brisbane riped off my ticket from LAX to vancouver so i had to go and find a qantas rep and get another one issued which was quite a task!

Im actually enjoying travelling on my own for once, its amazing how much time you save when you only have yourself to worry about. Havent had much sleep as yet but not feeling too bad.

My flight is boarding in half an hour and my time on here is nearly up.. i will update when i get to vancouver.
Speak soon