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Adam’s Travel Diary

Monday, 24 Jan 2005

Location: Whistler, Canada

MapOn Friday night everyone headed to sushi at about 5:30 for Caroline's Birthday. It was pretty fun, we had almost half of the restaurant booked out. The sushi over here is quite nice.. they have a mango roll which is pretty awesome im told. However i cannot WAIT to get back to Mr Sushi at mermaid.. nothing in the world compares to their chilli chicken and teriyaki rolls! After sushi we all went back to out apartment and had a bit of a party before heading out at about 12 to Tommy's. It wasn't a very big night, i think everyone is a bit partied out. We were home and in bed by about 2:30.

The weekend was pretty uneventful... the snow is a joke. Ive never seen snow conditions this bad... even in australia! There are bare patches everywhere and a golf course has appeared beneath the melting snow in the middle of town! If the snow doesnt improve i think i might have to hire some clubs and go for a whack.. definitely missing my golf right now. On top of that I have picked up a bit of a head cold which is not cool. Been fairly stuffed up and had some headaches however im feeling better today so i should be right for some more lazing around and dvd watching tomorrow ;)

Everyone is trying to figure out how they can leave early or how they can move to another ski resort with more snow to at least get a week or so of skiing in before we all head home. Im looking forward to my parentals arriving on the 28th.. will be great to see them and also cant wait to eat some good food! At this stage my flight is on the 6th of feb arriving back in australia on the 8th. My parents leave whistler on the 5th.. but im thinking i might go down to vancouver on the 4th or the 3rd for a couple of nights because im told there is a lot to do down there - at least more then there is here at the moment.

Tonight there is a hypnotist show at Merlins just down the road and he is supposed to be hillarious so we might all go and watch that. Apart from the i don't have much to update.. due to the poor snow conditions the mountain are giving away free lessons so I might try and hit up one of those. Write me an email.. i need something to do!

ps. Pray for Snow