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Adam’s Travel Diary

Monday, 31 Jan 2005

Location: Whistler, Canada

MapThankfully the weather has taken a turn for the best.. the temperature has dropped and so have the freezing levels which has lead to some decent snow over the past few days. Lots of the slush has also frozen which is great, however the alpine lifts (7th heaven, Harmony) are still the only places worth skiing. My parents arrived yesterday, just in time for the snow which was pretty lucky. Its been great to see them and finally eat some decent meals! Its only a week until i come home now, i cant believe how quickly this trip has gone its insane! The last week has definitely been one of the best. As i said the snow has been good so ive been up a fair few days.

Without a doubt the highlight of my trip has been AUSTRALIA DAY on the 26th of January. I had heard rumors for the past two months about how good Australia day was over here, however everyone thought that due to the poor snow conditions and not too many people around, it may just be hype and not nearly as crazy as many of the stories i have heard. The Longhorn Saloon is the place to go on Australia day, and we had been told by many that you should be lining up at the door no later then 7am if you want to get in. We definitely should have listened to their advice!

Everyone woke up at 8:00am and started getting kitted up with any australiana that we could get our hands on. The guys all had "Australian Skiing Team" shirts on that we made and we littered ourselves with australian flags, tattooes and bandanas! I wore my t-shirt, big yellow vest, RM Williams and my Aussie bandana to top it off. At 8:30am we decided to set the record for the earliest beer bong in history and all the guys had two each while the girls enjoyed their orange champagnes. I thought drinking that early in the morning would be a struggle however the beers went down more easily then expected. After a few drinks and a 'roadie' under the jacket, we caught the bus stop into town. The bus ride was sooo funny, we all sat up the back and started bellowing out our national anthem with pride. Soon enough all the girls up front joined in and we had a full chorus line of crazy aussies. I would love to know what all the other normal people on the bus thought of us..

As we rose up the steps next to the bus stop we got our first glimpse of the line outside the longhorn. The rumors rang true and the line was at least 100 metres long.. and every single person in that line was sporting a flag or anything they could find that was green or gold. As soon as we joined the back of the line we found a footy in the line and started up a game of touch in the middle of crowd which was awesome fun however somewhat short-lived as our fitness levels wouldnt allow for a longer game. We all sang some more songs in the crowd, i think i heard Waltzing Matilda at least 20 times that day. Fortunatley for us we had some friends right at the front of the line, so in true aussie spirit we skipped the 1hr+ wait and scotty and I got straight in!

You got a ticket for a free meat pie on entry (was made of a grainy mince rather then gravy like the aussie ones but good none the less!) and we also discovered that the bar had imported cans of VB for day (Although it was a bit of a shock after drinking Corona's for two months, we thought it was our patriotic duty to drink VB all day, and that we did!) which made us feel at home! After half an hour and countless tinnies, all of our friends were in (about 25 of us) and we headed straight to the dancefloor where we stayed for the remainder of the day. The played the most awesome music - started off with about 4 hours of purely australian music with the likes of AC/DC, Jet & Midnight Oil. And finished up playing the top ten of Triple J's hottest 100! When 'land down under' by men at work came on everyone went crazy and screamed out the lyrics with pride. However the highlight of the day was undoubtedly 'The Voice' by John Farnham. At that stage all our friends were on the four podiums and everyone was screaming out the song which was awesome fun and soooo funny. I have a great video i took on my camera.

We stayed at the longhorn all day and didn't leave until the place closed at 2:00am. I left with bernie and some other girls from our house.. we aren't entirely sure how we got home, but as soon as we did we passed out for a well earned rest.It was an insanely fun day, i think i must have met over 100 randoms. It was so good to be able to celebrate the day with all our mates and about 700 other aussies. Ive never really celebrated australia day at home, but after that experience i think i will have a big day from now on. It was one of the best days ive ever had and I don't think that any other australia day will ever come close. Between us all we have about 600 photos of the day, I will post a few on here for you to look at but make sure you come and look at all of them when i get home on the 8th.

As expected we felt slightly under the weather the next day so we just sat around, watched tv, ate and reminisced about what an awesome day we had. If i don't go out again until i leave it won't matter, everyone is so stoked our trip ended on such a high.

Brig and the rest of the girls are leaving in a couple of days so Ill be spending the next few days with her. Apart from that i just want to ski everyday because the snow is good. I was looking forward to coming home about a week ago, but now im sure that i will definitely miss this place. We have already decided to have a whistler reunion when we get back. And bernie - our technical guru - is going to compile everyone's photo's and video's and make a DVD to remember our trip!

Until next time...

ps. The human torch was denied a bank loan.
pps. The skeleton ran out of shampoo in the shower.