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Adam’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Feb 2005

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

MapWell sadly my trip has come to an end! I got back to the sunny gold coast on tuesday at about 4pm. The last two weeks in whistler were DEFINITELY two of the best!

As expected the day following australia day was extremely quiet.. none of us woke up before about 12pm and all of us were sporting seriously bad hangovers. However it was unanimously agreed that the pain was definitely worth it as it was such an awesome day. It snowed about ten centimetres on australia day so that made for some pretty good snow. Brig, Elly, and Bech left on the 30th i think.. so we all went up on the 29th with them. The snow was great and it was sunny all day.. check the photos. It was definitely sad to see them go and our place at Aspens seemed so much more empty without them! After they left it was just Molly, Bernie and I in Aspens.. however it was only for one night as our accommodation ran out there on the 31st. My parents arrived on the 28th i think.. and i moved in with them at the Westin on the 31st for my last few nights. It was such a nice hotel and i had one night with brig there before she left. Before the girls left my parents took us all out to dinner at Earls which was really fun. We all had a pretty good time and took the opportunity to eat as much as we could. The bayou prawns were a particular highlight!

My last week in whistler coincided with GAY ALTITUDE WEEK where it seemed the entire gay population of north america had flocked to whistler. I have never seen so many gay people in my life.. and the men inparticular were so camp and open in public which was quite disturbing at first and definitely took some getting used to!

My last two days of skiing turned out to be my best by far. On the morning of the 3rd i was awoken by a msg from bernie which read 'GET UP HERE NOW!! IT DUMPED A FOOT LAST NIGHT NO JOKE!'.. i rang the snow report to make sure he wasnt playing some kind of practical joke and sure enough 28cm of snow had fallen in only about 8hours. I got dressed as fast as i could and went straight up to 7th heaven. The skiing was absolutely phenomonal... ive never seen powder 'pow pow' like that before in my life. When i did my first run down 7th, there had only been like 1 skier down before me so i had fresh tracks the whole way. The snow was up to my thighs and my ski's were totally submerged.. quite a different feeling from the spring conditions we had experienced for the last two months. We had the most awesome day of skiing.. we didnt come in until virtually the last lift as the snow was so awesome. I took a video of myself skiing which ill have to show some of you.. all you can see are my legs floating through the powder.. it looks insane! I ventured up to Jersey Bowl which was insane.. they had been avalanche blasting all morning but opened it up in the afternoon - got some great photos from the top and looking down the rediculously steep face! I was meant to be leaving the next day at 7am however Hamish and i decided to leave at 7pm instead so we could get another great day of powder skiing in.

That night i went out with everyone for my last night out in whistler. We went to earls again for dinner and then on to tommy's to bid our favorite venue fairwell. We did it in style and had about 10 too many Jager Bombs (the bartender gives you a cup of redbull and a shot of jager.. you drop the shot of jager into the redbull and scull). We had another day of awesome skiing on the 5th before Hamish and i packed up our stuff, I said goodbye to the parents, and we got on the bus for vancouver. We were both pretty sad to be leaving all our friends, and especially with all the new snow, however im sure we will be back there soon.

We got to vancouver at 8pm and walked a few blocks to our hotel - while about ten homeless people offered to carry our bags along the way! Our hotel was awesome, both had queen beds to ourself and it was right in the middle of town. We went across the road to a pub for dinner and a few beers. At about 10pm the line outside was huge, apparantly the place we went called 'Caprice' was the most popular place in town on a saturday night. After dinner we were both exhausted so went to bed.

Got up early the next day at 8 and had our included 'Buffet Breakfast' - not quite the plethora of eggs, bacon, and pancakes that we had been imagining but still great considering it was free. We went to the aquarium at 10 which was really cool. Some pretty weird fish in there.. one fresh water fish that was about 3m long. Had some cool white Baluga wales and some dolphins and seals. Hamish left me after that as he had an earlier flight to catch. After the aquarium i walked up Robson st - supposed to be the place to go for shopping. Had some pretty cool shops and i bought a pretty wicked Pringle style jumper, very seth like! By the time i walked up Robson St, down the Pacific Mall, and into sears for a bit.. it was time to head home and to the airport.

Luckily they didnt weigh my luggage or care about my extra bag (thanks brig) or im sure i would have cost me an arm. Met up with Lucy Dunstan and Caro at the airport and then boarded the plane. Our first stop over was for half an hour in honolulu to refuel i guess.. then on to Fiji where we had a 6 hour stop over. For some strange reason we had to clear customs, however by the time we got to the customs gate there was no one there at all. By the way, if anyone is planning on seeing that movie 'Taxi' with Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon... dont! We waited for a while then just walked through to get some help without getting our passports stamped or anyone even looking twice at us! Not exactly what you would call a high level of security that is experienced in most other airports these days. See the photo of caro playing with the keyboard at the customs desk!

The stop over was boring and we were all so tired. We went to a cafe and slept and ate until it was time to board at 12:45. The flight to australia was only 4 hours and was pretty painless as we were all so excited about arriving home. Finally arrived back on australian soil at about 3:00pm last tuesday! Shawn and Eugene came to pick me up which was great, but the car ride home was painful.. i was in jeans and a jumper and the heat was insane!

All in all it was definitely one of the best three months in my life! Highlights would have to include Australia day which was unforgettable, and the last two powder days of skiing were also unreal. If anyone reading this is thinking of going over there i would definitely recommend it, i had the time of my life in whistler! Not really the place to go if you want to meet some canadians as the place is full of aussies! But that didnt matter for me, luckily we had such a big group of people over there and they all made it so much fun.

Ive been back for 5 days now and its great to be back but looking back at all the photos and the fun we had im missing it already. So nice to be back in the warmer weather now , i know its cliche` but Australia, and the Gold Coast in particular, is without a doubt the best place in the world! On that night its time for me to sign off.. thanks go out to Whistler BC for being an awesome place, thanks to everyone that went and for all the fun we had - Team Aspens, Crabapple, Terrace Boys, Cramptons House, BGS Boys, Grammar Girls + other randoms i have forgotten - , thanks to Ron Burgundy and my sweet Baxter, and finally thanks to anyone that may be reading this! Hope you have enjoyed reading about my travels... until next time..