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Claire’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 08 May 2007

Location: Brisbane, Australia

MapHello everyone,
I am really sorry that i forget to write about Brisbane before Cairnes. So this diary entry is going to be a bit out of date. Sorry!
Our flight to Brisbane was really short which was nice and we were lucky enough to be upgraded to business class!
Brisbane is a lot hotter than Sydney but it has been raining a lot, which is quite annoying! We are staying just out of the centre so there is not as much to do at night as there was in Sydney, but there are a few bars and restaurants that we can go to.
We got taken to our hostel by our airport transfer and when we got there we realised we had been dropped off at the wrong place it just had a very similar name to the one we were supposed to be going to. The people in the hostel were really helpful though and offered us two free nights and then pay for the rest of our stay because the other hostel was going to charge us and they didn't want us to be charged twice. We decided to stay there because we were told it was a lot nicer than the place that we had picked on the internet. I'm glad that we did because it was a really nice hostel and we had two balconys off of our room. We shared it with three german girls and two Korean girls.
During our stay in Brisbane we have been to a koala sanctuary. Here we got to hold koalas and have our pictures taken with them and we also got to feed the kangaroos. I was quite pleased because i have really wanted to hold a koala and i got to do it!
We have also been to the gold coast and surfers paradise where we looked around the shops and sat on the beach. But i still don't have a tan.
For our last day in Brisbane we just walked to the South Bank which was about a 15min walk from where we were staying. It had a few shops and a manmade beach, which was quite fun!
We went out to a few bars in the evenings which were quite nice and we tried a few cocktails. As there wasn't as much going on we got early nights quite a lot of the time - well early for us anyway! It was really nice to catch up on some sleep getting us ready for Cairnes where i think we are going to be quite busy! Speak to you all soon. Lots of Love Claire X