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Wiles Family’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Location: Paris, France

MapWhat else did we get up to in Austria? Well we went to Hellbrun Castle which has some amazing waterworks. There are lots of trick fountains in the garden and lots of people in our tour group got wet (but not soaked). There is also a wooden puppet theatre totally powered by water too. The castle was interesting too, especially looking out the window and seeing a school trip in the garden getting much wetter then anyone in our group, walking around with wet pants can't have been fun, teachers revenge perhaps? We liked the T-shirts and magnets that said "No Kangaroos in Austria".
We also went down a long tobaggan run at Bad Durnnberg. We were very lucky it only ended up been open for about half an hour, long enough to catch the chairlift to the top and come down. Then the showers started. They can't operate until the track is dry, so they can't operate in the rain. They remove the track for the ski season and this is normally a ski run.
Then we drove to Hopfgarten for cake - the cake shop Mike and I have such fond memories of is closed, and the cake we ended up having didn't come close to our memories. We zigzagged in and out of Germany to get there.
We spent the next couple of nights in a lovely apartment within an apple orchard in Wasserburg, Germany. Wasserburg is on the shores of Lake Constance which forms a border with three countries, so from our accomodation we could see Austria and Switzerland.
We visited the Zeppelin Museum at Friedrichshafen and had very yummy Apple Strudel and Black Forest Cake at a cafe here.
We spent a night in Dijon on our way towards Paris, some of the footpaths here have owl makers embedded into them - Shaun we took a photo for you.
Then we spent a night at Fountainbleu and visited the gardens around the castle, by the time we'd done that we were too late for the inside tours, but never mind. We took lots of photos but even airial photos on postcards can't capture the whole palace, it's very impressive!!!
So onto Paris, our apartment is gorgeous, you can see photos on the website, then select Merveille de Montmartre. We arrived yesterday unloaded the car and then Mike took it back to Peugeot at CDG airport. We are about to set off to explore our surrounds. Au revoir.