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Wiles Family’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Jun 2007

Location: Nottingham, England

MapWell, we've been to York, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Halifax, Southport and Chester in the last week.
We enjoyed the Ghost Trail tour in the evening in York, the guide was entertaining. We also visited the Shambles, Yorkminister, and the Castle Museum plus we watched fudge being made.
The Shambles is an old "meat market" in York but now is mainly shops geared to tourism. The buildings get wider as they get taller and look like they are about to fall into one another.
In York Minister you can climb 275 stairs (very narrow and quite steep) up the tower for views over York. You can also descend into the Crypt for a history tour of the site (audio tour). The Minister itself has beautiful stained glass windows and wooden panels, mosaics etc.
I found Castle Museum really fascinating. The displays were really well set up and then you reach the "living displays" where you have shops you can walk into and shopkeepers in period costume you can talk to.
In Newcastle, Halifax and Southport we visited relatives who put us up and served us delicious food. The girls also got to play with some family pets (two cats in one instance and two dogs in another). We also went for walks and admired their beautiful (green and lush) gardens.
In Edinburgh we visited the Royal Yacht Britannia (RYB) and the Castle. The RYB was the highlight of the day. The audio tour took you all over the yacht from the bridge to the engine rooms with both the crew accomodation and the royal apartments in between. Wonderful.
In Chester we walked around the city walls, examined a series of locks on the canal, found the ancestral cake shop and enjoyed cake and coffee.
We're off to London on Sunday and next week we'll be homeward bound - hard to believe but true.