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Wiles Family’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 Jun 2007

Location: Hucknall, England

MapHello from sunny England. We have had several hot days here and yes the British do actually wear shorts sometimes!
We went to stay with friends Rebcecca and Rob and their family on Sunday. They live in the Greater London area.
They took us to Windsor Castle on Sunday. The Queen's Standard was flying from the tower which means she was at home and although we toured some of the royal apartments she wasn't mingling.
We did see the guards changing over there though. We also enjoyed the brass band that was playing in the bandstand on the lawn. We saw Queen Mary's Dolls House, very impressive - artists of the time donated miniatures of their works for the dollshouse, and it was filled with scale models of rugs, tapestries, beds, baths, tables, vacuum cleaners, cars etc. - no photos allowed though INSIDE the castle. The photos on our page therefore are obviously from the grounds. One of the most impressive parts within the castle was the shield room - this is also were banquets with the Queen are held - 160 people can be seated at one table in here. This room was damaged by the fire at Windsor Castle in 1992 but has been restored.
After our tour of Windsor we went and sat in the shade in Windsor Park and the children (Sarah, Tom, Georgia, Amy and Jack) had lots of fun running about.
Monday we caught a train on the Metropolitian Line into King's Cross before changing to the Northern Line- we got off at Kentish Town and walked to our niece, Lizzie's, place. She lives in halls (of residence) with 6 other girls actually sharing her apartment.
With Lizzie we got onto the Underground again going to Waterloo - from there it is a short walk to the London Eye. It travels around very slowly and you get very good views over London. It actually sits over the Thames River.
We heard Big Ben (the bell above the clockface) several times as we walked in the area. We went to Covent Garden and had lunch under the covered market before heading our seperate ways - Lizzie back onto the Northern Line and the Wiles family onto the Picadilly Line. On both of our train journeys to and from Ickenham we had different views of Wembley Stadium.
Back at Rebecca's the children all had fun baking a chocolate cake for dessert.
Tuesday morning Sarah went to school with Rebecca and the children. She helped out in the 6 year old classroom and with yard duty. Georgia could have gone to school and spent the morning with Amy in her classroom but chose to stay home.
Now we are back in Hucknall with Anne, John and Max (the dog). We intend to relax, walk Max and repack for the last time.
See you soon.