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sean’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Mar 2007

Location: Saraburi, Thailand

Map We Finally prised ourselves away from Saraburi for a few day trips and started by heading to Lopburi on Thursday where we lost Jack amongst all the monkeys (I'm not entirely certain we came back with the right one) as you will see from the photos the place is overun by the furry little critters.
Jack was obviously in his element and loved every moment (until we had to leave) feeding most of them individually.
We then headed to the mountains to see the bats flying out of the caves but even though I have been their before we were unable to find the right temple so we were all a little disapointed by that when we got home. Hopefully we will get to see some bats in Sukothai next week instead.
Saturday we headed to Ayuthaya so that I could be the tour guide for Yamin and Nook (Yamins niece). We took a boat ride around the old city stopping off at several temples along the way before hooking up with Pui & Apple two of my old Thai friends in the evening.
On Sunday I had the unenviable task of driving in downtown Bangkok and anyone who has been here will understand how hairaising that was however we got their (and back) in one piece. We first wen't to the Jakachak market but it was too hot and their were too many mozzies for Jack so he and I went to M.B.K. instead and left Yamin to shop......
Yamins nephew has persuaded me to join him and his uncle in the temple when they become monks which as far as I'm aware means that from tonight I will be staying at the temple and learning how to be a monk then on Thursday I will become a monk with them! but I will only be a monk until Sunday while they stays on for 2 weeks which will certainly make for some interesting photos and Yamin is over the moon that I am going to do this.
After the temple experience we are heading to sukothai to see Yamins home-town then onto Chang-Mai To plan next years Buddist blessing, Then we should finish the month off on an island but I don't know which one yet. I will update after the temple thang though...Sean