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sean’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Mar 2007

Location: Saraburi, Thailand

MapLike most things that you plan in Thailand they never work out quite as you expect them..I went to the temple yesterday afternoon where a heated debate ensued concerning the best day for me to leave the monistery and it was decided that I should remain their until the 22nd, 4 days longer than I had anticipated.I also find myself back at the family home today which was most unexpected but does give me the free time to update you all and hopefully add some more pictures (they do take an absolute age to upload).
Last night I stayed at the temple attempting to sleep on the floor (hard floor & Sean do not mix) and was woken at 4:45 to shower & ablut! before 5am so that I could accompany a trailing line of monks through the streets collecting alms (food) for approximately 1 hour.then we ate before I was told by Yamins nephew that we could now go home for the day coming back to repeat the process again tonight.
It's a bit of a mad house here as the family are planning a huge (800+ invites) street party for tomorrow in honour of us 3 to be monks, Their are marquees popping up everywhere and massive pots of bubbling liquids not to mention guests arriving by the hour as I'm sure you can guess Jack is loving every moment and Yamin is in the thick of things.