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sean’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 17 Mar 2007

Location: Saraburi, Thailand

MapHello again
I find myself unexpectidly e-mailing from inside the temple as the head monk has borrowed a lap-top for me!
I have just amended the last photo page but will be unable to add any more until I de-robe on the 22nd.
Life inside the temple compound is very peaceful (as you would expect), with the morning Alms collection, Lunch & afternoons spent in the shrine however this morning we traveled to another temple to embrace a new recruit and I would guess that more duties will spring-up from time to time.
I have arrainged to wire-up some of the monk houses as four of them (including mine) have no electricity but they will not let me work during the day as it is too-hot so I will be doing it by torch light tonight!!
Not a lot else to say about my time as I don't wish to bore you all with my buddhist teachings, If your interested then you can ask me when you see me. as for Yamin & Jack they came to give alms this morning and are both very well. Yamin is very proud that I am a monk and Jack is not missing me that much.