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eyal’s Travel Diary

Friday, 20 Apr 2007

Location: Nepal

Mapthe frozen lakes trek.
this one i did without yaeli,the main reason is that tis trek is more difficult from the annapurna, which we did together...but she had her fun without me,you can trust her to do so....
the trek was unbeliverbly beautiful,but more intense... i started it with a 1600 meter uphill,and almost most of the trek i walked in 4000 m high or more(which is far more difficult) the third day i got to the frozen lakes,and in the six day,i took the bus back to katmandu...the reason for my hurry was that i got a little bit sick,and i missed yaeli as well...i wish i could describe better the whole experience but i think the pictures will do better....
me and yaeli spend a few more days of relaxing in katmandu,and we are heading off to india...