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eyal’s Travel Diary

Monday, 14 May 2007

Location: India

Mapthe sources of the ganga trek

from rishikesh we took a local bus(6 hours) and a jeep(5 hours)
to a town called gangotree.this place was was like being in swizerland...a green vally with huge trees,the ganga river,snowy nountain beautiful.
we spent the night in gangotree,and in the morning we took off to see the gomok,which is the glacier that the ganga river is coming out of,a very holy place to the hyndu people..we walked a day,until a place called banbosa i think,we slept there in an ashram,ate tali(local food) with the baba`s and the locals,and in the morning we got up,walked an hour or so,until we got to the was very impresive..i hope that the pictures will pass the impression...
anyway,from there we walked back to gangotree,slept the night,and in the day after that,we shared a taxi with 3 guys we met,back to rishikesh..a long ride,but better than bus.
tommorrow we peobably be heading to daramsalla,i hope it would be nice...