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eyal’s Travel Diary

Monday, 21 May 2007

Location: India


actually,the place we are staying in is a bit far fron daramsalla,we are staying in a small village called dharankot,which is 10 minutes walk from meclod ganj,the town where the dahli lama ia staying while he is not somewhere in the world,giving lectures,and promoting peace,and the liberation of tibet from the chinesse.
mclod ganj is the place where the whole tibetian goverment escaped to,while china took over tibet. the whole place is full of tibetian monks,which is very special.
the nicest thing about this place,is that there a lot of all kind courses which you can take:starting with tibetian and indian cooking lessons,to yoga courses ect.
yaeli took jewlary-making classes and made herself all kind of cool jewlery.
i took a few sitar lessons,the sitar is a traditionaly indian instrument which looks like a very big guitar.
the place is realy great,and me and yaeli are having wonderful time...