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eyal’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Jul 2007

Location: Nepal

Mapeyal`s spiti and kinnour motorbike trek.

where to begin?
this is most defenatly the most amazing thing i did since i came to indai,i bought a motorcycle,met some good friends,and got on the road,in order to go where most turists dont get the chance to go..
so i kissed yaeli goodbye(just for now!!),and started the engine,and so we started.
we started in manaly,climbed to rotang-la pass 4,050 m high,kept going.on the third day we climbed another pass,this time 4,500 m high. aftterwerth ew spend two days in kaza,and went up into the mountains to see kibber village,and the kee monastery.
the views in spiti were incredible,a huge desert,with snowy mountains all around us.
after kibber we took a turn south into pin valley,which was amazing,we slept in a village called mud.
the day after,we drove all the way to nako,a beautiful village,and we stayed there for shabat.there was a cool lake there and offcourse that we took a swim there.thats the place where i celebrated my birthday..
on sunday morning we drove to a place called kalpa,infront of a huge mountain called the kinnpur kailash.
the morning after we drove to a small village called saharan.we continued on to sang-la,a nice place,which we took from a day trip to another cool village called chitkul.
from there we got to our last stop in the trek an amazing place called jibi,we stayed there for shabat,and thats was the end of our trek...i think the photos can tell the story much better..
right now im back in nepal,making a new visa to india,the problem is that the i get only a visa for 2 more mounth,for some strange reason..nevermind,the next destination-ladak!!