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eyal’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 16 Aug 2007

Location: India

Mapleh and kashmir...

hey everybody!
sorry i didnt for so long,the main reason was that in the places i`ve been the internet was very expensive...
so from manali i went to leh-an amazing beautiful place,all desert-like,with huge mountains with snowy peaks...
the road was not so difficult as i expected,but it was full with adventures..
leh was preaty turistic,i saw a few cool monasteries,and after couple of days i drove off,with a few friends,to nubra valley,which is a bit northen to keh itself.
we had such a wonderful time there,although i had a series of a unfortunate accidents,nothing big,(dont worry!!)just 2 punchers...but this things are part of the experience i guess.
we stayed there in a quite litle villige named panamik,there was there some great hot springs which we went to every night..
another thing,the way from leh to nubra is the most highest road in the world!!and i did it!how cool is that?
so we had back to leh,stayed there another 2 nights,and went off to pangong lake,a big and beautiful lake in ladak..
the road was amazingly beautiful,wild horses running wild,great views..until i had another unfortunate series of troubles..
it started with my gas cable which torn apart,afterwerth my chain broke,and then i brike my shasi(piece of the boke`s shield)...
i walked with the bike a few kilometers til we found a place to sleep in. the next morning my friend started to feel realy sick,so we decided to had back to leh some how.
i put my bike on a military truck which dropped me in the middle of the desert,in the middle of nowhere..there i waited a few hours,until a truck full with soldigers rescued me,put my bike on their truck and fixed it on their base...they were so nice!!
we spent one or two days in leh,and went off to sri-nagar,the capitol of kashmir.
on the way my friends bike got broke down so we put the two bikes on another truck,full with indians and spent with them all the way to sri nagar...
in sri nagar we stayed in an house boat-a sort of a boat which is also a guesthouse. i had there the time of my life. i had a litle boat and i went sailing and swimming in the lake everyday..
from sri nagar i went back to dharamsala,and right now im trying to sell my bike.
as soon as i`ll sell my bike im planning to meet yaeli somewhere,and spend with her the rest of the time i got left here in india...