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eyal’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 08 Sep 2007

Location: India

Mapso long india,and thankes for all the fish.

so thats it,
tommorow i am leaving india, its been fun,but its time to move on to greater things and bigger adventures.
me and yaeli said goodbye to each other 10 days ago in udaipur,rajastan,which was cool,she took a flight to andaman islands,to catch some sun,and i moved on to jaisalmer,which is a desert city,looks exactly loke the movie "aladin"...
it was nice there,but very very hot. very hot.take eilat in july,and add 100% moisture to it.
so i took off back to delhi,which is also hot.
here in delhi i tried to spend my time site seeing,and make the best out of the time i had left.
tommorow i have a flight to bangkok,
i hope it would less hot there..
i am not gonna try and summerize my indian experience,i will tell u all everything when ill be back..
happy new year and a lot of kisses,