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eyal’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 12 Sep 2007

Location: Thailand

Mapa litle bit in thailand

hy everyone!
i have arrived to thailand a few days ago,and its a realy cool place.much diffrent from india though.
its like a neverparty around here..theres pubs and parties everywhere,huge shpping malls with mcdolands and other western food on every 100 meters.
the people are different too,not just the thai folks,the tourist as well,everybody seem to come to a vecation,more than traveling.quite a change..
ive booked a flight,on my own,through the internet(im quite proud of myself about that)to vietnam,and i hope ill like it thaere..
i wish u all a happy new year,full with love,sucsses,traveling and adventures.may it be safe as well.