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eyal’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 25 Sep 2007

Location: Vietnam

Mapviet nam,

vietnam is amazing,
no doubt about it.
its also far different from everywhere else i`ve been to so far..
i arrived about a week and a half ago to hanoi,the capital.
then i went for 3 days sailing in halung bay,a beautiful place,which have the weirdest landscape i`d ever seen,thousand of tiny little islands,cover with tropic,jungle-like trees and plants.
the whole thing look like something taken out of "treasure island"..
then i went to north vietnam,trekked for a couple of days,spent there "kippur",and saw again,an amazing views and landscape,and a lot of the different tribes people,whom their lives almost didnt change much the last 300 years..
right now im back in hanoi,and begining to move south towards ho-chi-min city..
i wish everybody a happy new year,may it be actually, happy.