Sarah and Dave’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 Mar 2007

Location: Australia

MapWell, we're off!

This is the plan:

CANADA - bit of relo-visiting, sightseeing, skiing at Whistler and a half marathon for Dave on the sunshine coast (of British Columbia) with my cousins.

SCOTLAND - Glasgow for a couple of nights (hello Andy's mum), IONA for Holy Week, eventually making our way out of Scotland a couple of days later...

NORTHERN IRELAND & IRELAND - To Belfast we go (hello Julian & Pete) then up the Antrim Coast with Jules, and eventually taking off on our own to tour the region. Ending up in Dublin for a couple of nights before...

LONDON - to catch up with Ealu. We'll be here for a miniscule 3 nights staying with Irene & Nat but I'm sure if we don't sleep we'll fit it all in.

SOUTH INDIA - HELLLOOOOOOO Sam. We've missed you! We'll be spending just under a week doing who knows what, in the care of Sam Charlesworth.

THAILAND - Chiang Mai here we come again. We'll be calling into one of our fav places for 4 nights and relaxing whilst catching up with Julie at Agape to see how she's going.

Doubt we can fit all this into 5 weeks? mmm us too! Stand by for ...Canada!