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Cathy and Ron’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 28 Mar 2007

Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam

21 March!!! The big night!

After a short rest in our beautiful room at our hotel, "The Nha Trang Lodge Hotel" we got ready to hit the town! But before
we went out I checked my emails and the planetranger site. It was wonderful to get so many wonderful birthday wishes. It
really made my day! Thank you so much to every one!

We caught a taxi to the best restaurant in town, "The Sailing Club". We were going to have dinner at a table actually on the
beach but it was lightly raining. Instead we sat at a table under an awning only a few metres from the water and beside a beautiful pond. It was a really warm, still night and we watched the soft rain falling in the light of many small oil lamps glowing all around us, including on the beach. It was very romantic! We've never known such an atmosphere at a restaurant. It couldn't have been better...and the rain added to the ambience.

After a delicious meal I was given a wonderful surprise when the waiter came out holding a really gorgeous little birthday cake lit with candles. The icing was amazing! It had two cute monkeys on it too! Well, about 5 waiters and waitresses gathered around and all sang "Happy Birthday"!! I was overwhelmed! Then a Belgium couple came over and congratulated me and gave me a kiss.

After dinner we ordered cocktails then checked out the night club at the same place. The Belgium couple were there too! After a free 'shot' of something strong (an American girl was doing promotional work...and they had a vacancy Ryan!), the Belgium woman, who was 51, beckoned for Ron and I to follow her onto the dance floor (she couldn't speak English!). We three were the only ones dancing and there were about a hundred people there! (It was hard dancing in our walking sandles!) Then she went back to her partner and left Ron and I by ourselves!! Well would have been proud of us (or terribly embarrassed!!)! We were almost the oldest people at the night club and we danced to "techno" music all by ourselves with lots of people watching!! We would never have done this at home! We had so much fun! (Ron really got into it!! (Even I was surprised!). Then a few minutes later the dance floor suddenly filled with people...we had really started something!!!

After an hour it was time we oldies (those over 50!) went to bed! We walked back to our hotel two blocks away in the misty rain. What a night!! What a birthday!!

It will certainly be one I'll never forget....