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Ally’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 02 Oct 2007

Location: La Paz, Bolivia

MapSo here we are in La Paz.... I write that like we´ve just got here when in fact we have been here for a month now..... sorry I got a bit slack.
Anyway back to more interesting stuff. We got here and booked into a hostel called adventure Brew, little did we know that this place was going to become a little bit of a second home. On the first saturday we went to a place called Olivers - noted in the Lonely planet guide as the worst cultural experience ever, and believe me it was... but after a month and a half, a pint and some football really really appealed. So that saturday we spent pretty much the whole day in the pub.. ahh felt just like home. But again you would think I´d have learnt that by now hangovers + me + altitude just don´t go.
After spending the week doing some spanish lessons, making a few friends at the hostel we came to our second weekened in La Paz.

The Worlds Most Dangerous Road
Ok before I write about this... Mum don´t worry, I´m alive... it wasn´t really as scarey as it is going to sound I´m just exagerating it a little.
So the Worlds most Dangerous Road runs from La Paz to a little place called Corioco. We started off at 7 in the morning a took a drive out to the meeting point which was at a height of about 4,200m. Here we were given a safety talk, told we would be riding about 64k in total and given out the whole gear. So off we went. The scenary was amazing as we drove straight down along a paved road winding our way though snow capped mountains. We stopped a few times for a rest and another prep talks with further warning, at one point we stopped and had an up hill bit to contend with ... my god it nearly killed me (altitude again). About at about 12 we got to the start of the WORLDS MOST DANGEROUS ROAD. At this point we were told various things like it has it´s name because when it was used as the main route at least 400 people died a year, it is a wide track that at points changes into a 3 meter sharp turn.... loose control and it is goodbye, don´t look at birds as the last person to die followed one right off the cliff. But I have to say it was amazing. It was beautiful, the scenary went from these amazing snow capped mountains to the tropics as we speedily dropped down 3000 and something meters. At points we had to ride underneath waterfalls that cover the roads and avoid bolders that had fallen from the cliff. I have to say it is up there with one of the most amazing things I´ve done.

Kirsty and I decided to stay in Corico for the night and it was like being in a completely different country because it was so hot. We treated ourselves to a nice hotel and spent the next day by the pool relaxing, surrounded by mountains and watching Condors fly over our heads. Although that night we were sad to leave we had to head back to La Paz as we were moving in with our new family the following day..............