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Ally’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 07 Oct 2007

Location: AMAZON, Bolivia


So we headed off to the jungle in the north of Bolivia, to a little town called Ruenabaki. Okay so lets just say that the plane we took to get there wasn´t the largest in the world, we were also confused by the chirping noises ...... on investigation there were about 500 baby chicks at the back of the plane, and to our great amusement some had managed to escape and were running around the isle, real life chicken run!

So on the first day of our tour we made a 3 hour trip down a river where we saw some amazing animals. I was especially amused by these animals that look like giant gunie pigs, they were constantly just hanging out by the waters edge and looked like they had been smoking alot of the wacky backy, very funny. The next day we got up and headed into the marsh land (mud up to knees.... ok maybe hips for me) to find some Anacondas, but sadly they all seemed to be off on holiday, but we did see some Cobras. On our way back to the boat we were walking through reeds about 6ft tall, a couple of our group dropped behind so our guide sent the rest of us on towards to the boats... urrrr needless to say that after 20 minutes walking we still hadn´t found the boats, didn´t know where our guide was ...AHHhhhhhh panic set in .... we were lost in the Amazon. Luckily though, just as we were putting into action our plan to get to a large tree that we could see to climb and look, we saw our guide in the distance... phew we were saved.
That afternoon we went fishing for Piranahas which was a lot of fun, but even more fun to eat. Unluckily not everyone in the group managed to catch one (not mentioning any names... kirsty), so sadly no dinner for them :-)

That night we saw this crazy aligators with red eyes, spooky.
It completely rained loads the next day so we didn´t do anything in the morning except lounge around on our hammocks and make up shadow puppet shows. Kirsty and I played chirades only using our faces ... yes I was going a little stir crazy. That afternoon we headed back down the river but not before having a little swim with these pink river dolphins which was amazing.
When back in the town, we went out that night and had a very random fun night out with our guide. The next day there was absolutely nothing to do as it was raining and there were no flights going anywhere. So we decided to check out most of the establishments in the town - you know how that sort of day went when you end up on a boat crossing the river to another little town and then in a local karaoke bar very late at night.
Luckily the next day (with a little bit of a sore head) we got a flight back to La Paz. And so onwards we went to Peru......