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Ally’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 Oct 2007

Location: Peru

MapSo after finishing the climb into and out of the Colca Canyon we headed back to Arequipa. On the way back though we stoped somewhere to see some Condors. They are the largest birds in the world (I think their wind spans to up to 3 metres), and it was really truely amazing watching them soar above us (well it was amazing until the one of our group, a boy I might add, thought it was time to tell a truely dirty joke).

So back in Arequipa, Kirsty and I had a message that Aaron the guy who we had lived with in La Paz and gone to the jungle with had scrapped his plans and had come to Arequipa to meet us. It was then that we decided to form the team AKA (Ally Kirsty Aaron)
The following day was actually Aarons birthday and we had the most random hilarious day ever.
We decided in the morning that we would really treat ourselves so we went for a champagne brunch. The main plaza in Arequipa is surrounded by restaraunts on the second floor of these old colonial buildings looking over on to the square. It is a really bueatiful city with loads of old buildings but it is small so it still feels really friendly, and then when you look around you you can see these huge mountains that surround the city. We had a great lunch and after a couple of bottles of champagne were giggling a fair bit. Even the farmers protest in the middle of the square didn´t distract us.

After we had finished breaky we wondered what we should do...... looking around one of us spotted a city tour bus... so off we went (bringing with us a couple more bottles of champagne). So we sat at the top of the open air bus and I think we set the tone at the begining when Aaron opened the first bottle and it covered a few of the people around us. A middle aged lady from Chile behind us thought it was hilarious and soon got involved with all the festivities. The tour wasn't amazing but I think we espeically enjoyed wearing the free yellow visors we were given and waving to people on the street. Good game to play who ever gets the most waves back is the winner... of course I don´t have to say who won.

Back on land again, I sneeked off to get a cake, and we had a bit of a surprise inpromptu party in the hostel where we were staying with the people who worked there and Nestor. So off we went for a night out. On the way to the bar we were heading to we passed some sort of private art exhitition, so Aaron and I thought we would try our luck.
For a while we were standing looking at an information board and then the boncer just walked out and straight past us.... ha ha so in we pop. Had to make ourselves look a bit posher (well I have been travelling for a few months now and havn´t had any new clothes), so I did the old cardigan over the shoulder trick... which ended up working.
So in we walked to this private function and the first thing we were handed was a glass of wine, thank you very much. There were lots of arty types so we just moved round the room trying to blend in. We then popped into another room where the art was, as we were looking at it a man comes over to us and asks us if we would like to meet the artist... well it would have just been rude to say no right?
We ended up chatting to the artist (in Spanish), having photos with him, meeting another artist who wanted us to come for dinner at his wifes resteraunt the next day...... I have no idea how on earth we got away with it.
We rounded Aarons birthday off with a bar and then a club....... it was such a funny funny day, random as but very funny and he did say it was one of the best birthdays ever :-)