Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 20 Mar 2002

MapWell, looong time again, and now i cannot even remember what happened during all this time! Lucky you that i've got my diary with me , so i can go back and tell you all about it!

So, left Glenelg, left Adelaide and headed south towards Kangaroo Island. Spent there just one and a half days but it was worth it! As soon as i got there, i joined a night tour to see the Little Penguins (or Fairy Penguins) they are called 'little' because that's how they are! Very little! and also a bit confused, as they purr like cats !(or like Eli and me!)It was fantastic being there and watching these little creatures curling up at night, ready to sleep! The next morning, a long day-tour waited for me! Long it was, yes, but beautiful. we got to see many dozing sea lions ( many others were awake and pretty active though!)They spend three days in the sea feeding;after that, they come back to the beach, where they sleep for three more days! It's not such a bad life style yeah? We could see their sisters too, the new Zealand fur seals, sleeping a little nap as well! I could even spot three KOALAS!!!! they were up on the trees, sleeping (yawn! i feel like going back to bed right now, to you soon...)

Ok, so, we've got sleepy sea lions, sleepy seals, sleepy koalas...and sleepy Japanese as well! Yep! That's right! i had the honour of being part of the most bouring tour-bus ever! Not that i have anything against the sleepy japanese, nor against the non-english speaker swiss, nor the 'not-very-friendly' english...but they were all there, with me ...on that bus! So i sat close to the lovely and friendly aussie driver and enjoyed the most with him. I even took a photo of that amazing group of people...not smiling i guess!!!

Well, there were many beautiful spots were we stopped, such as Remarkable Rocks, very funny rock formations, or the Little Sahara. Yes, right there, in the middle of the bush...there is a perfect sandy desert of dunes...!

Wow, almost forgot about the echidna that i came across with! the first echidna i've never seen!

And you might wonder...i was in Kangaroo what about kangaroos?...Well, yeah, i saw one! That's why it's calle Kangaroo Island and not Kangaroos Island!!!!

Back to Adelaide, i met Cath, a lovely aussie (Nick's friend) that has already supplied the lovely House with another fish! I stayed with her in Brighton and the next day we went climbing! I enjoyed so much, i loved it! Not that we climb a real mountain, but just the walls of an indoor climbing gym. but! I did pretty well...i would say!

At night, a good bottle of wine and a lovely homely barbie (in the oven!)!