Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 20 Mar 2002

MapI had to stop writing, but now i'm back again. This is the second paragraph, so if you go down, till the end of this one, you'll catch up with the first one, the story about Kangaroo Island.

Well, the day after, i was off to a four-day tour around the Flinders Ranges, Lake Eyre and Coober Pedy. I did enjoy very very much! It happened to be just five of us, plus the two guides, and that made the trip kind of family one! We travelled on a 4x4 for many many hours (sometimes one of us had to say..."are we there yet...?")We slept in swags under many millions of stars, enjoyed awesome sunsets and sunrises, visited amazing and unveliebable places...It was a very complete tour and a very good one despite of all the hours spent travelling!

It was a pitty that we couldn't get to see the Willpena Pound, as i was know, they were busy killing feral goats up there! Yes! Feral goats are a threat for many living animals such as wallabies, and so we had to miss it, and now i cannot tell you how beautiful it is!

We stopped in many 'ghost towns' in the middle of the desert, saw aboriginal cave paintings,admired a massive salted lake (and its flies!), enjoyed of natural spring waters and even a natural spa...again in the middle of nowhere!, we even had a party with eleven pissed and friendly aussies camping close to us...!since we had no drinks, it was good to meet them, as they shared theirs with us! No beer for lovely Ainhoa though...yuck! Ended up drinking Jim Bean! There was something magic with beeing there, in the Outback, sorrounded by nothing but desert, under the starriest sky ever, and chatting around a big fire, set for the special event!Beautiful!

The last stop was reserved for the most bizarre place i have never been to! Coober Pedy! It's an undergroung mining town altough you couldn't tell by its apparience that it is indeed a town (or a village) and that people live indeed there!!! Just unveliebable and very difficult to describe!The reason why it exists is the opal. It is the opal capital of the world, so...yes we could see loads of it!

Many other bizarre things we could see...tough i might not remember them you have an example: what do you think of a tree(remeber, in the middle of nowhere) with many dead feral cats hanginf from its branches? Well, welcome to Oz! Apparently it's a lesson for the cats, so they behave! Further down, another tree...this time for feral foxes! wow!

And...what about a "dog fence" that crosses three states of Australia to protect the cattle from the attacks of the dingoes? Yes it exists! the stupid question that came to my mind was..."are we in the safe side of the fence?...i the other side the dog's side?" Finally we agreed we were safe!

About that trip i could go on telling you more, but it's time to change subject.

Now i'm in Melbourne, capital city of Victoria, more 33 degrees, no more sunny skies and even a bit of rain! Yuck! Haven't seen much of it yet, as i got here last night. The trip from Adelaide to Melbourne was a real pleasure, all they way along the Great Ocean Road. And again, i'm still excited when i think of those extraordinary rock formations! Just awesome! Unveliebable and unforgettable coast line!

as for my next few days, still haven't made up my mind. I guess i need a break, just do nothing for a while! We'll see!

C-ya folks! (this is a new aussie word commonly used by real aussies!)