Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 04 Apr 2002


Back again! Here i am, still in Tassie, loving it, admiring it, enjoying much!

For the last week i've been moving a lot, from one corner to the other one of Tassie, from the east coast to the west coast, from one National Park to another one...! And there's still so much to see, so much to do!

Still have plenty of time until i go back to Melbourne...probably time to relax...or probably not, knowing myself i know i will find many things to keep busy!

Here you have a little summary of what i've been up to!

Hobart was the first stage of my trip around Tasmania (for everyone to have an idea, Tassie is more or less as big as Ireland).Here i stayed for few days, organizing myself and knowing a bit the "city" (wouldn't call it village in order not to offend anybody...although it's pretty small!).

Spent one day and one night in Port Arthur, down south. It's an impressive historic site sorrounded by a beautiful environment.In its past, it was a penal colony, so again i got to see the rests of the old prisons, where its convicts "lived" under the hardest conditions ever known...not very nice to think about right?

My next stage was the east coast. Coles Bay and Freycinet National Park. No words to express how beautiful it is! Here i met some people i spent my time with. Eddie, a funny irish guy, Zac, an american hitchhiker, and Leo, a multi-skilled and very interesting aussie! did loads of walking and climbing;relaxed on paradisiac beaches while telling x-mas stories (the one they enjoyed most was Caga-Tio's! )and eating crunchy apples; met many locals, as wallabies (remember, little kangaroos), and snakes; enjoyed again awesome sunsets (i'm getting very into sunsets!) and bla bla bla bla!

Late at night,back in the hostel,talked about life...-you of this deep conversations at the end of which you always think you have come up with something new and positive...(like any conversation held in the lovely House...)-and after so much talking we ended up outside the hostel playing with fire! Yes, like my brother did in our garden last summer...when we almost burn it...remeber? and there i was...playing with fire! did pretty well! and enjoyed heaps!

It was a lovely night indeed!

I didn't forget that we almost got fined by a tassie policeman when driving to the Zac and me forgot about the security belt (we were sitting on the rear seats) The funny tassie policeman told us..."it will be $120 each!" and there i was...about to cry and let him know how skint i was and so on!...of course...making things up!

We got his pardon though!

Launceston was kind of night stop-over for me, on my way to Cradle Mountain, but sitll had time to walk to the impressive Cataract second you are in the city, the next second you're in the middle of a massive gorge, with the river down here, a beautiful basin there, and the bush around you! Wow!

Cradle Mountain was probably the place where i most enjoyed. Met this lovely aussie girl (Tertia is her name, meaning Third...for those who are into latin!) Together we climbed up to the summit and enjoyed the lovely view! As it was Easter (by the way...HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYONE...!) many aussies were on a little break or holiday, and that's why i got to know so many! Have you ever met somebody born in kangaroo Island? I have! Lucky me yeah?

Well, met the locals again, this time possums (cute fluffy animals knocking at our door in the hostel...begging for food!), wombats (cute fluffy and fatty animals) and tiger snakes (venomous, not fluffy and not cute animals) among some others.

Strahan, on the west coast, is a beautiful fishing and touristic village where you can catch o boat and do a cruise along the Gordon River. And so i did. Gorgeous! There i met a very very very funny couple, both living in Melbourne, Nick and Dingy dingy Caspar. Had loads of fun with them, and will sure meet them again soon!

Yesterday i spent the day travelling with another aussie girl who offered me a lift, form Strahan to Hobart, where she lives. Stopped in Lake Sant Clair for lunch, the deepest lake in Tassie. But the weather was...crap! And so we didn't enjoy so much. Well i must say that actually we got four seasons in one the song says! Amazing!

Now i'm back in Hobart, planning my next few days. It's getting bloody cold in here and i'm looking forward to going back to summer in sunny Oz!!!!

As you can see, didn't waste my time and enjoyed as ever.

The funny thing about this trip is that Tassie, being so small in comparison with the rest of Oz, gives you the chance of meeting people everywhere and meeting them once and we all visited the same places and almost at the same time! Funny!

Well will come back soon to explain the rest of my trip here before going to Melbourne.

Big hug to all of you!