Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 Apr 2002

MapHola hola!!!!

I'm in Melbourne again!!! When i left to go to Hobart i was already loving this city, and now that i'm back...i love it even more!

Well, about my last days in Hobart...i had a fantastic time there, really. Did nothing special, but met many people and even hanged around like the rest of backpackers! Wow!

Still did some interesting visits around Hobart, such as the Museum (twice! i finally met the Tasmanian Tiger...such a weird animal...), the Botanical Gardens, Salamanca Market again...and so on. Not wonder why i felt like home!

I have a great new: I finally met a took me almost two months...but i did it! Pablo! This nice mexican guy living in Melbourne was the first person i could practice spanish with! His friends, Craig (a carrot-eater kiwi) and Cathy (an american and experienced traveller) were with him. We all went down to an irish pub...or so it was ment to be...mmmm?

Next day we went to salamanca MArket...and guess what? i there met Tertia again, that girl i had been climbing Cradle Mountain with! I joined her and her friends later in the afternoon and went to the cinema. Saw "the man who wasn't there"...freaky movie! the funny thing was being there drinking wine and Bacardi Breezers while watching the movie! Bizarre!

I wait for the weather to be nice and warm again before climbing the Mount Wellington, from its summit you are supposed to enjoy the view of Hobart and its sorroundings. I didn't though...because as i was reaching the top...all these clouds start covering the mountain...and in fact i really felt like walking with the clouds! It was awesome! But no, don't ask me about the view...

On my way down i joined two very nice and experienced bush-walkers, Peter and Roger, who took me to the STRIKING Smiths monument (if you ever climb this Mount...don't even bother to walk to this's a tip) Once there, they fed me...(yes...i'm a bit embarrassed now...but i didn't have any food with me...) and they even drop me off in the hostel. Had a nice day with them!

Another STRIKING new! I finally met 'the other spanish' who was travelling around Aus! Paco, valencia! Meaning...i could even practice catalan this time!!!Amazing! Paco is now in Melbourne with me and i'm meeting him in few minutes. How funny.

And now...i'm going to tell you about the most bizarre situation i've have been so far (and i still am). Before flying back to Melbourne, i talked to this londoner girl satying with me at the hostel, Loi. She asked me weather i wanted to stay with her in Melbourne, as she was flying the same day as me. Apparently, her ex-boyfriend, an english guy living in Melbourne, has a friend who's got an empty flat and he offered.It was fine for me and so we met as soon as we got here. What i din't know, and neither did she, was that this empty flat is a very luxurious two storey building, placed in the same city center, with a bar, jaccuzzi and even a vintage motorbike in it! From its top terrace and its big windows you can see all these skyscrapers around...just beautiful!I was really impressed..(for the last two months...i've been sharing room with up to ten people in backpackers...)

So far so good. Now, the even funnier thing is that this girl left Melbourne and now she's in Sydney. And here i am, still staying in this place as this guy said he wouldn't mind me beeing there for longer. how long i don't know, i'm waiting for his call...i might have to move...and go back to reallity, meaning...backpackers places again! Boof!

Anyway, enjoy it while you can..they say!

No worries...i took some photos of this place!

For now i think i have no more Striking news. I will meet you soon, you know...internet in The State Library is free!!!