Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 Apr 2002


Hi i'm back again! The last few days i've been too busy enjoying my priviledged situation in Melbourne.

By now i think i'm the most famous backpacker around....As you already now, i'm still staying in the most luxury apartment in Melbourne...It feels a bit like home now! But...guess what? this morning i just got the call of this girl's ex-boyfriend, he wants the key back! Shit! now that i was getting used to it!

So, yeah...i'm enjoying now my last day here...(party tonight guys...?)

Off to Sydney tomorrow night...feel a bit sad as the time spent here was fantastic...

One of the most amazing and beautiful things i've done so far was swimming with the dolphins and the seals...just unbelievable! Highly recommended to everyone! Craig, the rabbit kiwi, and me are still dreaming with these lovely animals...!

Back in Melbourne we met Pablo, Cath and many more friends, bought few bottles of cheap wine...and celebrated a nice international meeting in 'my flat'! They're all still laughing with my story...

That night some of us even ended up clubbing!

Of course...the next day...i was a very nice girl and spent the morning doing some know...washing and cleaning...that's when i realized how big this place is!

After the third day here, and without getting any news from the owner or any of his friends, i got really scared when the alarm went can imagine how i felt! But very easyly i got the combination number, switched it off...and no more worries mate!

So now that i had the keys, the security code number, that i had been cleaning and tidying up..., and even met the neighbours...this was defenitely my place!

It no longer is now...boof!

To have an idea of how big my palace was...i will tell you i could run from one corner of the room to the other one...having a tea-break in the middle...and i'm still running! Great place for aerobics and dancing...great place for organizing private parties...SUCH A GREAT PLACE!

Ok, i'm getting a bit boring...i'll change the subject.

Two nights ago i met Nick and Dingy dingy Caspar, they spoilt me by taking me to a nice japanese restaurant (my first japanese restaurant!) and made me laugh as ever...they never told me who slept with the lecturer though...i bet both did! (this is another story...)

As for PAco, the other spanish person travellling around Oz...let's say he must be somewhere in India now...meaning I'm now THE ONLY SPANISH PERSON TRAVELLING AROUND OZ!!!!yoooohoooo!

Yesterday, PAblo, Craig, CAth and me went to a very nice wildlife park, Healesville Sanctuary. Met Possums, Wombats, Kangaroos, Koalas, TAssie Devils, Platypuses, Eagles, Dingoes, Echidnas....all in one day!!!! (sorry, don't ask me for the translation of the names of these animals...there is none!...but when i'm back there i'll draw all of them, so you can finally see how they look like!)

Back in Melbouren, went to Melbourne's Comedy Festival...enjoyed two plays...both a bit...weird...

Tonight we're going to The Crown, a very famous Casino, you know...aussies love gambling...and it's something very popular in here. Something you cannot miss!!!!or so i've been told.

I think i have no much more to tell you for now, but i'll join you soon , probably before leaving Merlbourne who knows? Now i have to organize my leaving party!

I am defenitely going to miss my new need to flat as well!