Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 16 Apr 2002

MapMy last few hours in lovely Melbourne

Almost ready to go...just saying bye bye to my friends here...i'm going to miss them! i think they will miss me too...or at least they will miss my apartment!
Last night went to the Crown, the luxury and impressive Casino in Melbourne...Not that we gambled, but had a lovely dinner there, looking at the YArra River and its skyscrapers...such a beautiful city at night! Could see how millions of asians lost loads of money by playing any kind of game (stupid games...just my personal opinion...i'm not keen on casinos and gambling...)and also admired this amazing venue...a real spoil and waste of money...but really beautiful.
Ready now to go to an even bigger city...have the feeling i'm going to be busy there!
Will let you know!'s time to say good bye to Pablo, Craig, Cath, Nick and Caspar!!! See you some time somewhere...? Who knows?