Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Monday, 22 Apr 2002

At Manly Beach at the moment (about half an hour away from Sydney city), the sun is still shy...but of course is the nicest shy sun of the world!
I've been very busy, as usual.
Let's see...back at my second day here in Sydney...i spent the morning in Sydney's Aquarium, getting close to the sharks and the reefs before i go for my scuba diving course...oh my god...pretty afraid of it...although really looking forward to it!
In the afternoon i catched up with Leo (we met in Coles Bay, back in Tassie, almost one month ago!),went for a drink and had dinner at some of his friends'flat. Ended up watching Leo and some more people play and dance with fire while listening some drums music and watching few but lovely stars. Very lovely night mixing with the locals!
Next day, sunny by the way, walked a lot, once again to the Opera House and the Bridge, didn't have enough with the first time...and i reckon there will be a third and a forth time before i leave...I haven't seen the world, but i would dare saying that this is the world's most beautiful harbour. (if i don't say so...i'm in trouble...)
Met Bronwyn, Nick's mother, in the city. Had a lovely dinner at her place, with lovely Emma (Nick's little sister, or so he says...) and her boyfriend Craig...and ex-ghetto-member Paul Brenner! Nick might be feeling very homesick...for he rang and talked to all of us! Sorry for you lovely!
Next morning, Bronwyn took me to a three hour walk along the beautiful shores of Manly beach and sorroundings. The walk was pretty good, could see massive (MASSIVE) spiders in their webs...but when i say massive, i really mean it...MASSIVE!!!! Beautiful!
Paul came to pick me up and after catching up with Amber, his girlfriend, went to see an "aussie rules" match (a pretty simple sport...something in between football and rugby...but very messy and crowded) The thing i most enjoyed of being there was looking at the people seating around me: families with kids having meat pies with tomato sauce on top (something very aussie), chips and drinking beer (not the kids of course) The Swans (Sydney) won the 'Roos (Melbourne) in the last quarter, it even got exciting!...and so everyone was happy....(?)
That night, after having some take away thai food in Ambers place, went straight to bed, buggered (very aussie word) as ever.
The next morning, meaning yesterday, Bronwyn took me to a Nick's tour along the northern Beaches, from Dee Why (where she lives) to Palm Beach, a very wealthy area for very wealthy people with very wealthy houses and yatchs and cars and aeroplanes...bla bla bla.
It was also a very aussie day: started the morning tasting(but not enjoying) Vegemite on toast..., had a Lamington (kind of sponge cake...very aussie again) with a coffee, even had an aussie pie (not meat but thai vegie...sorry.) while listening to the music coming from a Anzac's ceremony in Dee Why beach. Aussie aussie! Thanks Bronwyn! Far out!!! Missed the Pavlova though...She'll be apples!
I must say that we got another heavy rain as soon as we got in the car...but Bronwyn reckons that those clouds came from
Last night, stayed in Manly Beach and enjoyed again of Melbourne's rains.
Tomorrow i'm climbing the Bridge, will let you know how it was.
Talk to you soon!