Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Friday, 26 Apr 2002

MapHi! About the climb of the Bridge? Beautiful view, climb only recommendable for those who are not looking for great challenges and are not skinnt too! Ineteresting information the one you get from the guide...all about the Harbour and its landmarks. It was a nice way of spending the morning at the end.
Leo and me agreed we all looked as if walking our dogs...for all those gadgets we had attached to our space-looking suits...we did look funny!
Next day, Emma, Craig and I went for dinner to a busy place where plenty of yummy food was served. Enjoyed dinner and drinks (we didn't
get "sipped" though...Nick?
Met Jasper (Emma's little bird) and its girlfriend, enjoyed its Jingle Bells late at night...and early in the morning...! Paul and Amber picked me up and took me to the Blue Mountains. Awesome mountains! And's the Eucayptus fault.
Did nice walks until we run out of energy...then went for lunch and spent the night at Paul's place, while looking at the photos we had that will soon be in the page! Finally! Thanks Ghetto members!!!!
Today i'm off to Canberra, will spend the weekend with Bronwyn, then back to Sydney sunday evening.
Will tell you more when back!