Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 08 May 2002

MapWow, here you are...some of my photos! Gracias lovely Tim!
As i was saying yesterday i am in cloudy Brisbane. cloudy and...a bit boring too...although not so boring as Canberra! I know everyone was waiting for my comments about Australia's capital city....not?
I must say it wasn't so bad at the end, the weather was much nicer than in Sydney...! And the city is very nice, very well planned and so on...but no, don't expect to have good fun on a saturday night...there's no way! Bronwyn and I went to any single building starting with the word National. Some examples: National Gallery, National Library, National capital exhibition...but the one i enjoyed most was the New Parliament House...and no, it is not called the National New Parliament House surprisingly!
We also enjoyed Canberra's beautiful autum reminded me very much of London!
Back in a backpackers in Sydney i met Coockatoo Paul...and his exciting world of plants, aboriginal culture and music and artscrafts! We spend about six hours to make a diary out of kangaroo skin and leather (sorry...but the kangaroo was already dead...and soon rotten if i don't take advantage!) The diary is travelling with all have to see's is amazing! Thanks Coocka!
Spent the last two days in the city, went to one more museum, joined a guided-tour of the Opera House and even went climbing with little Emma. I have to say i did much better back in Adelaide. After the first climb i could feel all my body sore! Emma can still feel it...i reckon!
I had just one day left before leaving Sydney...and i still had not been to Bondi beach, the world famous i promised myself i would go even if raining. And so i did...and well...there's nothing special about this beach! i started walking along the coastline until Bronte, (beautiful cemetery!) and somehow i managed to get lost in the massive Centennial park...i found myself walking in circles...and after a loooong while i got to the center of the city again. Time to have a drink, well-deserved drink, in a gay pub...did not realize where i was until these guys approached me and asked me weather i was lesbian..or just confused.Oh come on, i was too busy with my reading...!
Twelve hours on a coach took me to Byron Bay, paradise for hippies, artists and surfers...yes very "cachas" surfers! Somehow i stayed in the hippiest place of all Byron Bay! Craig from Melbourne joined me and we did some sea-kayaking and enjoyed again the view of the dolphins surfing with the waves....awesome!
Now, at Brisbane, off to Noosa tomorrow, where i am planning to do some surfing!
It is still cloudy out there...where is sunny Oz?????
Ah by the way! i am sleeping in a 22 bed dorm...not a princess anymore!!!