Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 18 May 2002

MapRight! i am back and happy again!
Sorry about my bad mood this morning...i had not have any breakfast and you know...computers sometimes really suck!!!
Ok, now. I am in Airlie Beach, got here yesterday and i have been sunbaking since...the weather here is stunning! Tomorrow i am off to the Whitsundays Islands. Will cruise the islands for two days...they are ment to be awesome! I am really looking forward to it!
Going back to Brisbane...well, it rained and rained i couldn't do much. Went to the cinema, watched a freaky know what? i was the only person in the cinema!!! So bored i was i even went to the Town Hall and "enjoyed" a concert of orchestral music...what???there must be a bit of everyhting ....isn't it?
Left, very happy, Brisbane and moved to Noosa, where i spent three days under the sun. Apparently, all those clouds got tired of following me and went back to Melbourne...Good!
In Noosa i became a surfie-girl and mixed with the "cachas" surfers, cathing good waves and so on...Had very good fun!
From Noosa to Herve Bay, just a stopover to go to awesome Fraser island, where i joined a real kindergarten tour...meaning ...bloody twenty-year-old-party-backpackers..- .most of them barbie-girls and poms!!!! (Sorry.... but they are everywhere, in groups of thousends!!!) Lucky that i met Andrea, a german independent traveller i got along with! Spent most of the time with her and enjoyed this amazing island with its white sand and prisitine beaches. Camped at night under the stars again, had barbie around the fire and got to see my first dingoes in wild. They are cute!!!
After Fraser Andrea and I travelled together to Airlie Beach and cathed up for dinner with some locals. Interesting night!
Oops! How quick i resumed my story...believe me...this morning was much longer and funnier...!
Well, will tell you more and more and more soon!!! i am on the move!!