Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Monday, 18 Feb 2002

MapHola lovelies, finally i found a moment to update what i've been doing since i arrived!
The trip was long but worth it! Perth is a beautiful city with skyscrapers viewing the Swan River (not so impressive as those in Hong Kong i must say...). I spent two days there, visiting the highlights of the city and organizing myself a bit for the rest of my trip...
From Perth i moved to Freo, where i caught a ferry going to Rotto (Rottnest Island), a wonderful island where i could admire amazing beaches with clear blue water, salted lakes with million different colours and funny and lovely animals similar to the cangaroos but smaller, called Quokkas and unique to Australia! you can find them all over the island, but specially at night,when they meet in groups of 20 or 30! they are very sociable and peaceful! Like squirrels in London...
I hired a bike and rode all the island the first day,stopping at every single corner, as all the island is amazing. I even met the first two gold prospectors(aussies) of my life!!! They had a special detector used to find gold...i mean...this was very surprising to me as i couldn't imagine that there are still people who seek for gold! Aparently is not so bizarre up here!
Spent the night there and even went to the pub for a drink...where i could see how people cooked their own dinner in the barbie!It was more a picnic venue than a pub!
Yesterday evening i took the ferry back to Freo, where i spent the night in a Backpackers hostel that looks more like a squatter's house (thinking of Aitor...) than a hostel...ANd my room was (and still is for tonight i'm satying here again) a stinky one!!!! But....NO WORRIES MATE!!!!
so here i am, in Freo, Perth's beautiful harbour. It's nice and warm (too warm) in here! I spent the day wandering around the streets, including a visit to the West Australian Maritime Museum, the Round House (oldest prison in WA) and lunch on the grass of the Esplanade (nice green area close to the harbour.
Now just planning my next ten days, heading down south and ending in Kalgoorlie by the 28th, from where i have to go to Adelaide.
(For all the inhabitants of the Lovely House....GET A MAP AND TRY TO SORT OUT WHERE I AM!!!!!)
I love it here!!!
Will write as soon as i find a free internet site!!!