Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Friday, 31 May 2002

MapToday i am off to Mission Beach...yeah, going south again...this tropical weather is so annoying! feeling sticky all the time...hard to sleep at night...bitten by see? my life is so hard!
Yesterday i went to the Reef and did scuba diving and words to describe the feeling of being there...deep in the water...swimming with all the fish and the turtles...touching the coral...bla bla bla...absolutely amazing.
good news for the lovely house...! we will need to make some room in our know...i took so many photos under the water!!! hopefully there will be one of me and the turtles! of course...we need more room in the sea...and more rooms in the house....! Yeah?, yes, the reef was lovely.So it was my trip to the rainforest, up in the north of Cairns. This time i stayed in a lodge right in the middle of the forest.i don't want to be boring again...yes...beatiful,gorgeous, amazing, impressive and so on. MAs de lo mismo!
Keep meeting people everywhere i go. Nice people. LAst night went for dinner with J, an american guy i met on the boat. Met ANdrea again,my german friend from Fraser island...met the two crazy girls from the know...the world is so big and so small at the same time! now i am trying to avoid all the barbies from Fraser Island...Andrea told me they are around...boof!
So, yes, today i'm travelling. I will be staying in a hut hanging from a tree in the forest!
More and more coming up soon!
By the way..somebody told me my line (in the map) is now it should be in Cairns...but it is still in Airlie beach...well it's ok...i am going south again so i will catch up with it soon ;-)!