Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Jun 2002

MapAlice Springs and the red center....right in the middle of Oz! here i am now! freezing nights and mornings....and hot it's winter...believe it or not.
after a short 26-hour trip from Townsville, in the east coast, south of Cairns, to here. But...i am so used to this long distances...that i don't even notice it! you see...whenever i get on a bus...i am so ready for it!...loads of food, a book, some music, a big pillow (the last one i snatched it from a backpackers...and i still feel a bit bad....but...come on 26 hours without a's too much!), my sleeping bag, and so on. lucky i had to seats...and lucky i am a little girl and i can curl up without difficulties...i slept most of the journey! outside...just a looooooong looooong road....and loads of nothing around...this is the outback again....yiiiiiiiha!!!
Mission Beach was perfect. Did i say something about a house hanging from a tree???? well, forget it! this was the best place i've stayed in so far! yes, sorrounded by the rainforest (altough not so wet as in the Daintree and the wet tropic!)...and with a very relaxed and hippy atmosphere....! it was great! but no, it wasn't a hut!!!
the first night, met Tony and Dany, both from London, really funny people. Spent more than three hours playing with the hammocks...and fighting with some massive cushions...while watching how a giant spider had some lunch, dinner and even breakfast the next eating a poor cricket that got stuck in its web! it was more or less like watching the discovery channel...but more real!!!
I did all i could to find a success!...still...i had a photo taken by a traffic sign with the picture of a cassowary on it! you see? simple!
mossies met me again...i have to say i don't understand where so much love com from!!! how on earth can they love me so much????
As for now...not mossies but flies again! i reckon they are Kalgoorlie's flies'relatives!!!! they look alike and they annoy the same way!
Tomorrow a three day safari and camping tour in the red ceneter is waiting for me! will tell you when back.
missing the sea already! boof boof!