Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 09 Jun 2002

MapOh-my-god beautiful the center is!!!!!
Great tour, great company, great guide, great time! really good fun!
this is the resume of my last three days...!
Finally got to see the world-famous rock!no wonder why it is famous...! we were nice guys and didn't climb know...the aboriginals could get it is a sacred place...! but the climb really looked promising...!(did you know every year many people die while climbing it????the aboriginals take this as a well-deserved punishment...)
Not only Uluru, but walked a lot through the Olgas and Kings Canyon too. This was even more enjoyable!
And why is the center called the red center...? well...because everything there is red! sand,red kangaroos, red rocks,red fires, red red wine...!...I became red too: red clothes, red feet, red see...we slept in swags again(i am becoming a swag-woman)...boof...with so much sand! my sleeping bag turned red too (originally it was blue)...we even looked more tanned... (you know...we took no shower for three days...) is a lovely colour! not???
At night, around the fire, we murdered some marsh mellows and enjoyed a lot!!! it sounds evil...but they were so yummy!!!!
Saw camels, dingoes and crazy territorians red kangaroos! the way back home was very exciting as we had to avoid the suicidal attacks of the red kangaroos...pretty hard job to be honest! somehow we managed not to kill any...although you could not believe how difficult this was! some of them would stay in the middle of the road...waiting for us to run over them...or so it looked like!
Crazy kangaroos!!!!
Once in Alice, i had a shower...and lost my lovely red colour....oh no!
tomorrow i am going to Darwin...Will spend many hours again on a bus...but this doesn't worry me anymore!

......somebody is being very lazy....and that's why my line is still somewhere in the east coast....where's is my line pedorrito????