Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Jun 2002

MapHi i am in Kununurra...well...somewhere up north in Western australia!!!! yes, back to WA, where i started my trip! only few weeks to go back...but still so much to do and see...Boof...OZ is a bloody massive country!
Kununurra (i love this name!) is hot but nothing compared to Darwin...where i almost end up half of what i am now by sweating so much!!!! enjoyed heaps over there though...
i did a trip to Kakadu National Park and fell in love! with the park,that is. Gorges and lakes and falls and beautiful gums and red sand and aboriginals and rock-art and crocs and eagles and lizards and fires and bush tucker and swags and stars and sunsets and sunrises and canoeing and swimming and riding and walking and climbing...and sun sun sun sun and more sun! here we go! this was a great, fantastic trip had to be reasonably fit...or you just couldn't make it! let's say the guide was a real aussie...but a real one! remember Cocodrilo Dundee??? well, our guide was his brother.
so , yes Kakadu was just amazing, now i only think of going back for the wet! and get wet!
Darwin was also good fun, you know, very relaxed and laid-back wonder why...with this terrible tropical way you can move and do anything! so...i just relaxed and laugh with many other real aussies that i met in the backpackers. I can't remember their names.
Anyway, here i am now, planning to do a trip to the Bungles Bungles soon. will tell you more about it!
i miss you all people!