Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Feb 2002

MapHi everyone! I know, it's been long since i last wrote but the thing is there's so much stuff to do here that i couldn't find a moment...
Well i'll go back to where i left my was Fremantle right?
The next morning i went back to Perth, from where i left down to Margaret River, through a very beautiful scenic drive. Margaret Reiver region is well-known for its wine production and so i could see all those vineyards from the coach...didn't go for a wine tour though as i'm waiting for my arrival to Adelaide and its Barossa Valley.
Instead i went for a Cave and canoe tour along Margaret river. I'm not very keen on tours but i must say this was a good one! i shared my canoe with a funny couple, just married and getting on...well? yeah! Cath and Roddy, and aussie and a scotish guy living in Melbourne...hopefully i will see them again when i get there...! we stopped in a floating island where we had a light lunch: smoked kangaroo and emu, some flowers and roots, as well as seeds, bugs and fruits all taken from the bush...yummy! It was delicious! Once finished, went to a natural cave and explored a bit. It was pretty good!
The next day i left Margaret River and went to Augusta...i got there by six and i could enjoy a gorgeous sunset while i was walking alond the Blackwood River...i was really nice.
The next morning i cycled from the town to Cape Leewin. From the top of the lighthouse i could see how the Indian and the Southern Oceans meet, and turning back...all this view of Leewin-Naturaliste Natural Park...!
Around this area there are plenty of natural caves and so i went to visit one of them: a limestone cave going 42 meters down the earth, Jewel Cave, with amazing stalactites and stalacmites...a massive and beautiful cave...where i had to spend half of my film...i couldn't help it!
Two hours away from Augusta there's Pemberton, in the middle of Tall Timber Country, and again the trip from the coach was very enjoyable as i could see all these massive forrests of Eucaliptus...they took my breath away!
I stayed in a very quiet and relaxing lodge in the middle of the forrest.That night,looking at the stars i thought i finally found the Southern Cross...but i'm not so sure you can spot million stars in a clear night!
I could see my first Kangaroos the next morning, coul even feed them and draw one of them! They are lovely!
With a young and a not so young canadian man, we went bush walking around the area, stopped in Gloucester Tree (supposed to be the third tallest tree in the world, with 61 m.) and climbed it. From the top, the view was spectacular...all these never-ending-forrests sorrounding us!
Back to the hostel though i didn't enjoy so much. will explain myself: we were following a trail (the Billaboon track), we stopped in a lake and the young couple went for a swim, but i didn't have my swim suit with me so i decided to go on walking on myself and we arranged to meet in the hostel.So far we had been walking for about three hours, and we were only half way of the hostel.And so, i started walking through this path...a not very well signed and a tricky one! i had to go back few times as i took the wrong one; million flies (i finally met them! yuck!disgusting and big flyes that happened to love me!) around me, two blisters in my feet, this unbearable sun falling down on me, apart from many spider-webs that i split with my face and two snakes that i almost stepped you can wasn't a good experience...and if it wasn't enough, the track never seemed to como to an end, but everytime it was closer and deeper...boof! Scary forrest!You don't want to get lost in this place believe me!
Luckyly, by seven i got to the hostel, stressed as never and really upset as nobody warned me of the bad conditions of the trail. The next morning, the girl from the hostel said that she got more than one complaint about it and that thay had to sort it out!!!! And what about me? eh??????
Anyway, i took many photos as it was even more scary than that forrest in St.Petersfields (remember Tim and Nick??)
Did you like my experience in Pemberton??? I loved it!
The worst...THE FLIES! How can they be so annoying?? either that or they really love me!
And right now i'm in Albany, in the south coast.I got here last night, wandered a bit around and went to bed by nine or so i'm already exhausted! You all know how bad i sleep and how early i wake up yeah?? so...a bit of understanding please!
Today, early again, i cycled (note: if i ride so much it's for two reasons.First, i love it.Second, i HAVE TO, as there's no other way to get to the places, unless you drive a car o get a tour..) to the Natural Bridge and the Gap. Both amazing.And then spent the rest of the morning in Midleton Beach...did i say all the morning? No, just one hour was enough to start getting sunburnt and came back to the hostel. Just had free coffe and cake and very soon i'm going to bed! Knackered again!
Well lovelies, as you can see, i dont waste my time!
Hopefully i will rest a bit very soon.
Will let you know further on!