Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 Jun 2002

MapOk.back again.
This time in Broome, a sunny and "multiculti" place full of aboriginals, boab trees, many different cemeteries (at least three or four cemeteries in a place smaller than White City...bizarre! ) and a fantastic full moon up in the sky for most of the day!
Tonight, the moon is coming to the beach at is going to show us the famous "staircase to the moon", some beautiful reflections i will tell you about soon!
As for that canoe trip that i did in Kununurra (don't even look at the is wrong!!!!)...i would say it was one of the best things i have done during my stay in Oz.
Chris-a funny pom,Stefan -an even funnier swedish- and I paddled along the Ord River for three days, stopping at some stages to set up a fire, cook some nice dinner, drink some wine, sing some songs and sleep again in our know how much i love sleeping in swags...i really mean it...(now girls, you don't have to worry about finding a bigger place...just get me a swag...and i will be happy! )
At night, we took the canoes and the torches and went crocodile-spotting...and yes! we did spot the evil-looking red eyes of the crocs in the water (this time "freshies",meaning...not dangerous...or at least..not so dangerous!)staring at us!!!!uhhhh!!!!
AT day, while paddling, we saw many birds, including the beautiful pelicans, some sea-eagles, many geese and other. I enjoyed as ever!
We did a bit of bushwalking too, and climb to the top of a hidden waterfall...
Unsuccessfully the guys tried to fish...but you know...they realized fish don't like beef (ha ha like me!) and gave up the last day. It was then that we saw many millions of crazy catfish fighting for anything eatable! even meat! nutters!
Yes, you know the best of all? we went wild! i was a real feral chick,you know, barefeet, little cloths on, messy hair...! we did not see anybody in three days (of course, apart from the "mingas" -aboriginal word for tourists, funny yeah?- on the boats that wave at us and even took some photos of us...excuse me!!!!
And the very best,...we had to be "recued" (not that we wanted...but the trip organizer thought it was the right thing...) for it was dark (well, with the little help of an almost full moon...)and we were still paddling back to the civilized world...stopping here and there to enjoy the wildlife and the quietness that sorrounded us! no worries mate!
well, no worries for us...but this poor guy was worried and so was the owner of the backpackers place where we were staying...these are her words: "first rescue in ages!!!!"
well, after all...we had such a great time...back in Kununurra we went to celebrate we were alive and kicking and went down to the local and only pub of this lovely city with this lovely name. This was fun! people there were real aussies and were having a great party, dancing in a musty room around a bloody good DJ who was mixing rock ballads with hard house.
this was fun!!!
the next mornig, my friends left me to go to Darwin...and i got on the bus for another 13hour-trip to where i am now.
tomorrow, off to Exmouth...another bloody long trip...
well, guys, will catch up with you soon!!!